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Carbon Offset

Reduce CO₂ emissions for the environment!

We have received a certification for carbon offset
from the Ministry of Environment,
the first in the food products industry.

Human prosperity has led to the rise of greenhouse gasses such as CO₂, which increases the earth’s temperature. The effects of global warming can be felt all over the world, and it’s a matter of time before ice disappears from the Arctic Ocean during the summer. It is now well established that one cause of these consequences is our CO₂ emissions.

The amount of CO₂ we emit due to deforestation and our use of fossil fuels, in order to develop and support our civilization, is now 30–40 billion tons. There is a limit to how much CO₂ the earth’s natural environment can absorb. The unabsorbed CO₂ has increased to 15 billion tons annually, and the CO₂ concentration in the earth’s atmosphere has continued to increase.

Tonohata has reviewed its activities and decided to offset our emissions for some of our products. We have also started selling products that burden the environment as little as possible, so that more customers will take interest in this issue through our products.

What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon offset is the concept of first striving to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses such as CO₂ throughout our daily lives and economic activities, and then reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses through measures such as investing in activities for the reduction of greenhouse gasses, in order to offset emissions which are inevitable or very difficult to eradicate.

Carbon Offset Kishusan Nanko-Ume

Product Introduction

How Carbon Offset Works

Tonohata’s carbon offsetting for Nanko-Ume*1 started with the government’s Carbon Offsetting Scheme which began in April 2009. We calculated the products’ CO₂ emission, the actual carbon offset, applied for the certification, and received the food products industry’s first ever carbon offset certification.

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