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Tonohata’s Environment

Tonohata is proud of the the environment in all its majesty. The expanse of the Pacific Ocean spreads out in front of the Headquarters, while the Kishu mountains, an ancient holy ground, rise toward the sky behind it. We are located along a 「Kumano Kodo」 pilgrimage route, which was called the “Ari no Kumanomoude” 1000 years ago, during the Heian Period, and people can still occasionally be seen walking along the ancient path in front of the Tonohata headquarters. We are located in a spectacular natural environment.

  1. Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, the Hometown of Nanko-Ume

    Tonohata is located in Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture. Minabe is where the top quality Ume, Nanko-Ume, originates from. It is only a two-hour drive from the famous tourist spots, Osaka and Kyoto, and yet it faces the immense Pacific Ocean with the ancient holy grounds of the Kishu mountains behind it. We are located in Japan’s greatest Ume village, which envelopes the Ume farms of Minabe, famously described as “A million Ume trees at a glance, and a fragrance that covers many miles”.
  2. The Pacific Ocean Spreads Out Before the Tonohata Headquarters

    Tonohata is located in Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, the hometown of Japan’s number one Ume, Nanko-Ume. We are proud of our beautiful environment, which is an ancient holy ground surrounded by abundant flora, with the Kishu mountains behind us and the Pacific Ocean right before our eyes. Embedded in the vast nature, Tonohata was established by the passion for Ume. The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, which was called the “Ari no Kumanomoude” 1000 years ago during the Heian Period, and Iwashiro-oji and Senri-oji are located nearby.
  3. A Vast View of the Pacific Ocean from the Rooftop

    The Pacific Ocean can be seen from the rooftop of Tonohata Headquarters, which is enveloped in beautiful natural surroundings. The view of the waves slowly but continuously rolling against the coastline is truly beautiful. The famous Nanki-Shirahama Onsen can be seen behind us on the left, and the Ume farm which cultivates the Ume used to make delicious Umeboshi is located behind us. Tonohata Headquarters is located inside the vast nature of Wakayama Prefecture.
  4. A National Park Along the Coastline (Yoshino-Kumano National Park)

    The coastline near the Tonohata Headquarters is designated as a Japanese national park. You can see the shimmering blue of the ocean and the setting sun, which illuminates the coastline in a soft red, transforming the vast view. Senrinohama, which is the only Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route located along the sea, is the only spawning ground of the loggerhead sea turtle in Honshu. The climate of southern Kii Province (now Wakayama Prefecture and Mie Prefecture) is warm and stable throughout the year due to the Kuroshio Current. There is also a high level of rainfall, and the days are long. This is perfect for nurturing Ume’s unique properties. The blue ocean shimmers softly nearby.
  5. Ume Flowers Envelope the Scenery in White During the Early Spring

    In February, when the chill starts to soften, the Ume flowers in the Ume farms in the mountains bloom at once, coloring the ridgelines white. The Ume trees are planted along the slopes and plains of the mountains, so the mountains become covered in a white haze. The contrast of white and green is bold and beautiful in the clear air. The honey bees fly around energetically in the nature during this season.
  6. A Plum-Colored Town

    Minabe’s Nanko-Ume is harvested in June, and it’s the most vibrant season for the town. For about a month, vehicles can be seen carrying fully ripe Ume into the city from early morning to late night. Fully ripe Ume have a fruity fragrance, like Japanese plums. The town of Minabe welcomes the early summer together with the refreshing fragrance of Ume.

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