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About Tonohata

Tonohata’s Passion


President Tonohata

To deliver Umeboshi to the world, and to make “Ume” a globally recognized word.

Our corporate mission is to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of our customer’s health. We have diligently continued to produce low-salt Umeboshi to satisfy customers who wish to maintain good health through the food they eat every day.

Furthermore, we hope to bring Umeboshi, grown in the vast nature of Kishu (Wakayama) to the world. This is because we want more people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Tonohata’s Umeboshi. We also understand that food is culture, and that every country in their world has their own unique food culture. This is why we believe in innovating Umeboshi products that can be enjoyed by each unique culture.

Tonohata strives to promote a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle to our customers both in Japan and overseas.

President and CEO Masatoshi Tonohata

President Message

To deliver Umeboshi is to deliver the gift of health.

For over a thousand years, people have believed that the pickled plum is good for the body. “A plum helps one escape the difficulties of the day”; “coarse tea and pickled plums keep the doctor away”. These sayings describing the benefits of plums have been preciously handed down from generation to generation. We can learn a lot from these ancient traditions, because the knowledge has been cultivated by the experiences of our predecessors over hundreds of years.

I believe that eating Umeboshi can lead to a healthy life, and our mission is to deliver Umeboshi to our customers who wish for enrichment and health.

We hope many people will come to realize the powerful benefits of the Ume, and we will continue to produce exquisite Umeboshi, so that each Umeboshi you eat leads you to a healthier lifestyle.