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About Tonohata

Management Philosophy


To make “Ume” a globally recognized word.
To provide safe and environmentally friendly services and products that spread joy to all our customers.
  • Integrity
  • Putting Trust first
  • Honoring Respect and Courtesy


Tonohata will continue to harness the power of Ume to innovate a food culture and lifestyle brimming
with joy and products and services of exquisite quality.
In order to achieve this, we promise to pursue the following four qualities.

To Provide High-Quality Umeboshi Products
We will continue to provide high-quality products that meet our safety standards, in order to maximize and fully deliver Umeboshi’s natural health benefits to you.
To Pursue the Creation of Premium Ume
We aim to provide various Ume products so that both the mind and body can be invigorated. We hope our efforts will help our customers have a fulfilling, joyous life.
To Support an Enriched Lifestyle
We promise to pursue production methods which do not burden the environment and society, and to not compromise the safety and ease of mind of our customers for every Ume product we make.
To Create a High-quality Food Culture
We will continue creating a “food culture” centered around Ume, by cooperating with society and the environment, and by innovating various Ume products and promoting various ways in which Ume can be enjoyed.

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