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Product Introduction

Low-salt Umeboshi.
A salt content of only 3%

cut down on salt

Our corporate mission is to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of our customer's health. We have diligently continued to produce low-salt Umeboshi to fulfill the wish of our customers to maintain good health through the food they eat everyday.

Regarding the reduction of salt intake, it was announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in April 2015 that Japan as a whole will strive for a reduced salt-intake. Now, low-salt products are essential for all categories of food. This need immediately caught Tonohata's attention, and led to Tonohata's innovation for low-salt Ume products.

Recently, Tonohata developed products with a 3% salt content, which has a salt content that is at least 50% lower than previous products, and are now available in many supermarkets.

Furthermore, products with 1.5% salt content have already been produced, and we are currently working towards the next steps of its' development.

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Additive-Free Ume "Natura"


A product which fulfils the many wishes of customers who love traditional Japanese flavors. If you want to taste the nostalgic traditional flavors of Umeboshi, or the simple but delicious Umeboshi overflowing with the fragrance of shiso, but think that traditional Umeboshi with a salt content of 20% or more is too salty, this is the product for you!

Shiso Umeboshi has been eaten for over a hundred years, and it originally embodied the flavors of both saltiness and sourness. However, recently, the natural deliciousness of Ume is often smothered by the various extra seasonings added at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Thus, we endeavored to take on the challenge of creating Shiso Umeboshi that doesn't depend on the flavors of extra seasoning, and to bring back the simple but delicious flavors of the traditional Shio Umeboshi while reducing its salt content at the same time. The culmination of our trials and errors is 'Natura'.

Our unwillingness to compromise can be felt through Natura's wonderful fragrance. The moment you open the container, the natural fruity fragrance of Ume gently spreads out with the delicious fragrance of Japanese Toyosaka Shiso. Natura's deliciousness is brought out by the deliciousness of the Shiso, but first, please take a moment to enjoy its fragrance.

We have succeeded in bringing back the traditional flavors of the Shiso Umeboshi, and to reduce its salt content at the same time. Natura's low salt content and natural flavors means that the you can continue to enjoy it without getting tired of it. Please try out this fragrant premium Umeboshi, which perfectly harmonizes the saltiness, sourness, and the natural flavors of the ingredients.

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Freeze-and-eat Ume Ice Ume

Ice ume

What would Umeboshi taste like frozen?! Ice Ume was created from such a spark of inspiration. With this brand new idea of freezing this traditional food, Umeboshi, it became time for the Umeboshi to explore new horizons.

It took about one year for this inspiration to crystalize, and now we have Ice Ume, a delicious Umeboshi eaten frozen. It has a pleasant sweetness but with the hint of the sourness of traditional Umeboshi.

Ice Ume's huge popularity comes from its combination of its refreshing sourness, confectionary-like sweetness, healthiness, the irresistible crunch it makes when you sink your teeth into the frozen Ume, and the soft texture of the Ume melting in your mouth.

Its main ingredient, the Ume, is the soft, Kishusan Nanko-Ume, known as Japan's top quality Ume. Typical Umeboshi have a 8–10% salt content, but we have succeeded in limiting its salt content to 2.5%, so it's perfect for those who don't like the saltiness of Umeboshi, or those who have never tried Umeboshi before. Please enjoy Ice Ume, the brand new form of Umeboshi.

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Ume in Olive Oil

Olive ume

Umeboshi is known for being a traditional Japanese food, but we have taken the challenge of bringing in Western methods. We preserved carefully selected Small Kishusan Umeboshi with soft flesh in fragrant Italian olive oil.

Nine types of fragrant herbs and spices have been steeped in the olive oil. By leaving the Umeboshi inside for a long time and letting it mature, the flavors of the oil get absorbed by the soft small Umeboshi, creating a mellow, yet spicy Umeboshi.

It goes amazingly with alcoholic beverages like wine, and makes an irresistible combination with mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese. It can be enjoyed not just as a snack, but for cooking. It can be used together with chili for Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, as a topping for salads, and on crackers. The olive oil and the spices inside can also be used for various dishes for seasoning.

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Standard Umeboshi


If you love Umeboshi, this is a must-try. It's Tonohata's most popular product! Its mellow flavor which brings out the natural goodness of the Ume lets you enjoy this Umeboshi everyday without getting tired of it.

We have continued to protect the flavors of this Umeboshi for about 20 years; flavors which are loved by people from all generations and backgrounds.

The Characteristics of our Standard Umeboshi No.1: mellow and easy to eat.
  • Our "Honey Ume" with a 6% salt content is popular for its mellow, gentle flavor. It's a favorite among those who don't quite like the sourness of Umeboshi.
  • Our Shiso Ume has been flavored with the perfect balance of sourness and saltiness (7% salt content). It's perfect for those who love having Umeboshi on their dining table for every meal, but worry about high salt content.
The Characteristics of our Standard Umeboshi No.2: Perfect for rice balls and lunchboxes
  • Our Small Ume (11% salt content) is special for its pronounced sourness and saltiness. Its flavor may be too strong to eat by itself, but it's perfect for rice balls and lunch boxes! In these combinations, its saltiness is made mellow and creates the perfect combination.

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Ume Made by Farmers You Know

Trace farmers

It hasn't been long since the phrases "food safety" and "traceability" became popular. Tonohata believes that food quality, safety, and our customer's ease of mind should be our top priority.

This is why we have collaborated with Nanko-Ume farmers in Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, to sell "Ume Made by Farmers You Know." It is our responsibility as Umeboshi manufacturers to provide safe food for our customer's ease of mind.

Using our own traceability system, we have made it possible for customers to find out information about our Ume farmers by using the lot number on our products. We have made it possible for you to check the place of production, year of harvest, farm name, and messages using your smartphone or PC, because we want to bring safety and ease of mind to your dining tables.

You will be able to feel the farmer's love and passion for great quality Ume if you read the messages. Please welcome the Umeboshi, created by the loving hands of the farmers of Kishu, into your everyday dining table.

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Environmentally Friendly Ume

Carbon offset

Delicious and environmentally friendly Umeboshi? Yes, please!

Tonohata's "environmentally friendly Ume" is our Nanko-Ume which has been given the Carbon Offset Certification from the Ministry of the Environment. It is the first product to receive this certification in the food products industry. By offsetting the CO2 emitted during the manufacturing process of this Umeboshi, we are contributing to the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions. Tonohata continued to make new developments every year since it received the Carbon Offset Certification in August 2009. We have not only worked to reduce CO2 emissions, but have continued to achieve new successes such as using LED lights for all of our Umeboshi factories, and recycling our seasoning liquid.

We have three types of "environmentally friendly Ume": Honey Ume, Sarari Ume, and Shiso Ume. We also offer six gift sets, including our "Carbon Offset Kishusan Nanko-Ume".

This issue doesn't only affect us, a food manufacturer in the countryside. The prevention of CO2 emissions is now a major global issue. Why not think about environmental problems starting with the Umeboshi on your dining table?

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Pitted Ume


You can eat Tonohata's pitted Ume without worrying about swallowing any seeds. As the seed is removed from each Ume, it can be enjoyed by both small children and the elderly. It's a convenient because it still has all the health benefits and goodness of the Ume's flesh, and can be used for rice balls and dishes as it is. Currently, we are currently developing two series for this product: the Kishu Nanko-Ume Series and the Chinese Ume Series. Many people don't like Umeboshi because of the seeds, and it's great to be able to use them in lunchboxes and not have to remove, carry, or throw away the seeds.

There is a strong demand for pitted Ume as hospital food and care home food, because it greatly reduces the chances of accidental ingestion. With the rapid rise of an aging population, this product is expected to expand in the market. Have a long and flourishing life with the health benefits of Ume!

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Dessert Ume

Dessert ume

Umeboshi isn't just enjoyed on top of white rice. It can be transformed into stylish confectionary.

Tonohata's popular Dessert Ume has a soft texture that goes well with tea. It can be enjoyed as a Japanese dessert or confectionary. Assortment packs are also available for those who want to compare our four popular flavors.

The fruit's flesh is soft, and has no saltiness. This might surprise you because it's so different from the sour, salty Umeboshi you might have in mind. However, this product retains some of the Ume's sourness, because it is made of the best Umeboshi from Minabe, Wakayama. This high-quality Umeboshi can help you create a special moment for you and your guests.

Umeboshi is currently in the spotlight, not just in Japan, but globally, as a traditional health food. It's a great Japanese souvenir that brings the Japanese heart of hospitality to your loved ones.

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Traditional Salt-Only Ume

Old-fashioned ume

Tonohata's "Traditional Salt-Only Ume" has a simple taste, created by preserving the Ume in salt only. Although our low salt products are popular as well, this product is special for its high, 20% salt content. The salt on the surface of the Ume might feel nostalgic for some, and this authentic Umeboshi will make you want to eat more and more rice. This Ume is recommended for those who love the traditional Umeboshi, and strongly believe, "Umeboshi is supposed to be salty!"

As this product is a non-additive Umeboshi which only consists of Ume and salt, you can make use of its salty flavor by using it as a cooking ingredient for bold flavors. We recommend you use this for side dishes, because the effects of citric acid can increase your appetite and help recovery from fatigue during the hot summer. Umeboshi can adapt to Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, depending on how you use it. Please use our Umeboshi for a healthy, delicious, and diverse lifestyle.

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Professional-Use Ume


Umeboshi for rice balls, ochazuke, shochu, pasta, sushi rolls, grilled Ume, and snacks to accompany your tea. The ways of enjoying Umeboshi has continued to diversify. Recently, it has garnered attention as a healthy and delicious ingredient for confectionary, such as desserts and cakes. We are currently developing Ice Ume, which is Umeboshi that is enjoyed frozen, and can be used by professionals too.

Our Professional-Use Umeboshi meets all the criteria for fulfilling a professional's needs, in terms of taste, size, quality, salt content, number, container, place of production, and price. Our top-quality Big Nanko-Ume, Pitted Ume, Small Ume, Ume Flesh, etc., can be used as Professional-Use Umeboshi to create a diverse range of products according to the needs of your menu or style of food. If you would like some recommendations or advice on Umeboshi, which add rich flavors to your dishes, please consult Tonohata, the Ume professionals. Let us brainstorm menu items which can bring out all the goodness of Ume.

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Ume Beauty Drink

Beauty drink-ume

"Ume Beauty Drink" is Tonohata's original, non-alcoholic Ume drink that focuses on health and beauty, and is created by taking advantage of the nutritional goodness of Ume. We have transformed Ume vinegar, made from Kishu Nanko-Ume, known as the best type of Ume, into a drink that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, this drink comes in four types, all of which use ingredients which are loved globally for their beautifying effects.

  • Pomegranate: "The ruby for beautiful skin"
  • Royal Jelly: "A source of anti-aging effects, loved by Cleopatra"
  • Acai: "The miracle fruit, popular among Hollywood celebrities"
  • Rose hip "For astonishing skin beautifying effects"

All types are easy to drink and come in concentrates, and are popular because our customers can take in the beautifying benefits of the Ume into their body easily.

Refresh your body and mind with Ume's citric acid and beautifying nutrients on busy days! The Ume supports women who value their beauty and health.

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