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Knowledge about Ume

So Many Traditions to be Grateful ForUmeboshi (pickled plum) is a traditional Japanese food that has been loved by the Japanese since long ago. Many Japanese people reminisce about Umeboshi when they are overseas, even if they don’t eat Umeboshi often back home. There is a saying that goes, “An Ume helps one escape the difficulties of the day”, and it was said that eating Umeboshi every morning would allow the person to avoid difficulties that day. It is suggested that this saying originates from our predecessors’ knowledge, which was gained through experience, that Umeboshi can prevent food poisoning and reduces fatigue. Apparently, professional soccer players also eat Umeboshi, as the citric acid in Umeboshi quickly removes lactic acid, the source of fatigue. It is said that Umeboshi is not only good for reducing fatigue, but also for beauty, and is currently being studied for potential anti-aging effects. Here are some of the traditions and wonders of Ume.

Healthcare through Ume

  1. Beautiful women Eat Umeboshi

    Apparently, famous super models also eat Umeboshi for its beautifying effects. Although most people have a vague idea that Umeboshi is good for the body, many are unsure about its specific benefits. It is said that Umeboshi has several beauty benefits. The first benefit is for losing weight. Calories are burned more efficiently due to the citric acid, which prevents the storage of extra fat, and prevents the increase of blood sugar levels after your meals. It also has antioxidant properties, and it is said that there are anti-aging hormones inside the saliva that is secreted when eating Umeboshi. Many say that the vanillin contained in Ume is good for diets. But what most of us are interested in is the skin enhancing effects of Ume. Bad blood circulation in the capillaries can lead to poor skin, but the citric acid in Umeboshi can make the blood flow smoothly. Improving blood circulation can also help those who feel cold all the time. Now we know why beautiful people eat Umeboshi!
  2. The Habit of Taking Your Morning Tea With Umeboshi

    There is a saying which also relates to tea. The saying, “Morning tea helps one escape the difficulties of the day”, means that drinking tea in the morning can prevent difficulties and bring good luck. It is said that drinking your morning tea with Umeboshi every morning can improve your appetite and aid digestion. So drinking your morning tea with Umeboshi makes sense, not just as a tradition but for health reasons. Green tea is very popular because it is said to lower blood cholesterol levels, and has anti-oxidizing effects. In addition, Umeboshi doesn’t just increase the appetite, but also brings citric acid to your stomach and small intestines, which has sterilizing effects. The wisdom hidden in the combination of Umeboshi and green tea is very deep.
  3. Add Umeboshi to Your Meals For a Balanced Lifestyle

    Modern people eat a lot of high calorie and high fat foods. We all know the importance of a balanced diet, but it’s difficult to achieve with the availability of all these unhealthy foods. Rice, bread, meat, and fish are all acidic foods. Alkaline foods include vegetables and seaweed. In order to stay healthy, we want to take in more alkaline food. An unbalanced diet can lead to more acidic blood, and make it easier for viruses and bacteria to multiply. Eating too much acidic food can lead to insomnia, cancer, and diabetes. The body also needs alkaline food. Umeboshi is a perfect example of alkaline food that neutralizes the acid. That doesn’t mean we should eat an excessive amount of alkaline food, but it shows that eating Umeboshi everyday is beneficial.
  4. Is Umeboshi Good for Diets?

    We explained why it’s said that beautiful people eat Umeboshi, but it’s also said that Umeboshi is also effective for diets. The key component is vanillin, which stimulates the fat cells. It is said that this encourages fat burning and weight loss. Vanillin is absorbed by the small intestine, which in turn stimulates the small intestine and encourages the burning of fat, which leads to weight loss. Here is another way of serving Umeboshi: grilled Umeboshi. By heating Umeboshi, the sugar and citric acid in Umeboshi creates a substance called mumefural, and this improves blood circulation. The improvement of blood circulation increases the rate of metabolism. It is said that Umeboshi encourages fat burn and the polyphenol contained in Umeboshi prevents the storage of fat.
  5. Food Poisoning From Umeboshi is Extremely Unlikely

    The Umeboshi has always been essential for “Hinomaru Bentos” and rice balls. It is known that the sterilizing effects of Umeboshi prevent rice from rotting, because the citric acid in Umeboshi prevents the growth of microorganisms. Recent research has shown that Umeboshi is also effective against viruses that cause food poisoning, such as MRSA and E. coli. They’re usually prevented from causing food poisoning in healthy bodies by digestive enzymes secreted in the stomach, but they can cause problems if the body happens to be weak. The Umeboshi’s strong sterilization effects can help prevent food poisoning. It’s a great habit to have Umeboshi in your daily meals, but it is especially important to eat Umeboshi during the summer, when it’s easy for food to spoil.
  6. Umeboshi Takes Away Hangovers

    Hangovers are caused the by the lack of oxygen in the blood caused by the liver’s inability to get rid of the alcohol in time. Alcohol is turned into acetaldehyde by the kidney’s enzymes, and then flushed out of the body as carbon dioxide and water. Acetaldehyde can cause nausea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and headaches, which are all symptoms of a hangover. Umeboshi protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, so that more mucous can be secreted to soften the effects of alcohol before the alcohol is absorbed by the stomach and intestines. The mucous membrane of your stomach will recover faster if you take Umeboshi when you are hungover from drinking too much. By eating Umeboshi, the body becomes weakly alkaline and quicker to recover from hangovers. Those who drink a lot should take Umeboshi or Umeboshi extract before getting a drink.
  7. Treat Your Insomnia and Stress With Umeboshi

    Everyone experiences stress, which is said to be caused by the lack of calcium. Umeboshi is good for alleviating stress, as there is plenty of citric acid in Umeboshi, which helps the body absorb calcium. Many people who suffer from insomnia may be inducing it themselves by exercising, bathing, and using the smartphone or watching TV before bed. The best cure for this is to make your body switch to the parasympathetic nervous system during dinner, because digestion and absorption are both roles for the parasympathetic nervous system. Bitter and sour foods stimulate the body and encourages it to expel the foods from the body quickly. Umeboshi is known for its characteristic sourness. As the body tries to quickly get it out, blood circulation improves, and this helps reduce insomnia caused by the autonomic nervous system.
  8. Why Umeboshi Can Help Alleviate Stiff Shoulders

    The citric acid in Umeboshi metabolizes lactic acid in the blood, so that substances which cause fatigue are removed. The flesh and extract of Ume contain a lot of natural citric acid. It prevents the production of excess lactic acid, and breaks down lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water which is expelled from the body. Ume extract and supplements are now available, and are strongly recommended for those with chronic stiff shoulders. If you want to apply it directly to your stiff shoulders, you can smash the flesh of Umeboshi and stick it onto the affected areas. Remove and replace once dry, and you will eventually start feeling better. Also, there is an old Japanese folk remedy called “Umeboshi Bancha”, which is served by adding a teaspoon of soy sauce to hot Bancha green tea (if possible, 3-year Bancha), and then adding a piece of Umeboshi and smashing it inside the tea. It can transform your body by improving metabolism and protects your body from the winter cold and the fatigue caused by the summer heat.
  9. Umeboshi Improves Digestion and Regulates the Function of the Intestines

    Umeboshi was so handy that its handiness was recorded in old Heian Period documents. Just hearing the word “Umeboshi” can make you salivate, right? Umeboshi encourages salivation, and amylase in saliva breaks down starch. Umeboshi is a great remedy when you’ve eaten too much. It is also said that Umeboshi is good for stomach aches caused by food poisoning. The catechin in Umeboshi has sterilizing effects, and helps to prevent food poisoning. Umeboshi can regulate the functions of the intestines, as it prevents the multiplication of bad gut flora in the intestines. Furthermore, citric acid encourages peristalsis in the intestines, and alleviates constipation. There are many benefits of Umeboshi, but the true reason why there’s a tradition of putting Umeboshi into lunch boxes is not only because Umeboshi is a great accompaniment to rice, but mainly because its sterilization effects prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Our predecessors used Umeboshi to maintain beauty and health, both on the inside and the outside.
  10. Help Yourself to Umeboshi to Prevent and Heat Fatigue and Heat Strokes During Summer

    During the hot summer, when our digestion is prone to becoming inefficient due to heat fatigue, the Umeboshi is able to increase our appetite by encouraging the secretion of gastric acid. The citric acid, malic acid, and succinic acid contained in Umeboshi helps us recover from heat fatigue. Also, many people bring sports drinks when they participate in outdoor sports in order to prevent heatstrokes. However, sports drinks also give you a lot of sugar although they do supply you with water and salt. It is said that professional athletes drink sports drinks after diluting them to a factor of three. This is why Umeboshi has an important role. The salt and citric acid in Umeboshi prevents heatstrokes, and it is said that just one Umeboshi is enough for 500ml of water. For this, use traditional sour Umeboshi, and not Umeboshi with honey.
  11. Ume for Motion Sickness

    It is said that picric acid and citric acid in Umeboshi alleviate motion sickness. Umeboshi can help refresh your stomache, intestines, and mouth. It is said that Ume is a good remedy for motion sickness, as its refreshing quality cna make you feel better, the picric acid stimulates the liver functions, and its sourness regulates the semicircular canals. For children prone to motion sickness, please give them tea with a reasonable amount of Umeboshi dissolved in it before going on vehicles.
  12. Can Umeboshi Soften Toothaches?

    No matter how much we try to prevent it, sometimes tooth decay just happens. We can’t always go to the dentist’s clinic when our teeth suddenly start to hurt. In that case, Umeboshi can help alleviate mild toothache! Separate the flesh and the seed of the Umeboshi, and wash the seed with water. Place the seed on your cavity and chew lightly. This may encourage salivation, so have something ready to catch any saliva. This is just a folk remedy for temporary alleviation, so make sure to go to the clinic if you have a tooth cavity.
  13. Using Ume Vinegar as a Hair Conditioner After Your Shampoo?

    Ume vinegar refers to the liquid that is produced when creating Umeboshi. This liquid also harnesses the power of Ume. It is full of vitamins and minerals which are good for consuming and for hair-care. It can be used as a hair conditioner, especially if you use shampoo bars. If you’ve used shampoo bars before, you know that it can lead to your hair feeling rough. This is why an acidic conditioner with citric acid and vinegar can be so helpful. It can close the hair cuticles that were opened because of the alkaline shampoo bar. Put two to three tablespoons of Ume vinegar into a washbowl which is half filled with water. Use this mixture for your hair. The sterilizing effects of Ume vinegar also makes the skin on your head and your hair smooth and healthy. When you do this, make sure it’s after you have completely rinsed off the shampoo from your hair.

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