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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The user’s information, including the user’s personal information regarding the company’s service (hereinafter this service), provided through is subject to the privacy policy (hereinafter this privacy policy) below.

  1. Section 1 (Collected user information and collection method)

    For this private policy, “user information” refers to the information collected by the company under this policy, and is information that identifies the user, the user’s activities, and the user’s history on the online service, and any other information that has been created or stored in relation to the user or the user’s terminals, using terminals such as smartphones and PCs. User information which is stored by the company in regards to this services is the following.

    1. Information which will be provided by the user in order for the user to use this service is the following.

      • Name
      • Email address
      • Other information prescribed by the company, which the user enters into the form
    2. If the user allows this service to connect to external services such as social network services, the following information will be collected from the relevant external service, subject to the terms which you would have agreed to.

      • The user ID used for the relevant external service
      • Other information the user has allowed to be revealed to other services through the privacy settings of that relevant external service
    3. This company may collect information on the user’s access to this service and how the user uses this service. This includes the following information.

      • Terminal information
      • Log information
      • Cookie and anonymous ID
      • Location
  2. Section 2 (Purpose of Use)

    1. User information may be used according to section 2 for the provision of this service, or for other purposes in section 3.
    2. The specific purposes of collecting the user information in relation to the provision of this service are the following.

      • For the provision, continuation, protection, and improvement of this service, including information used for user registration, user identification, and calculation of the user’s payments made through this service.
      • For providing guidance for this service and to respond to enquiries.
      • For responding to actions which breach the company’s policies and regulations (hereinafter regulations) in regards to this service.
      • For notifying changes to this service’s regulations.
      • For purposes which are incidental to aforementioned purposes.
    3. The purposes other than the aforementioned purposes are the following:

      • For creating anonymous statistical data regarding this service.
      • For purposes which are incidental to the aforementioned purposes.
  3. Section 3(Methods Used for Notifications, Announcements, and Obtaining Consent, and How to Leave This Service)

    1. For the following user information, the user will be asked to give their consent before the information is collected.

      • Terminal information
      • Location
    2. By using the settings prescribed by the company, the user can stop the company from using all or part of his user information. In this case, the company will promptly stop its use, pursuant of the company’s provisions. Furthermore, the collection and use of certain user information is a prerequisite to the provision of this service, so the company will stop collecting this information only if the user leaves this service by the company’s prescribed method.
  4. Section 4(Provision to Third Parties)

    The company will not provide personal information to third parties unless the user gives his consent, or disclosure is required by law, such as the Personal Information Protection Law. However, the following cases are exceptions.

    1. If the handling of personal information is delegated to third parties in part or in whole, within the scope of what is necessary for the company to achieve the purpose of use.
    2. Where personal information is passed on in the event of business succession to third parties, by merger, for example.
    3. Cases where we must cooperate with an administrative body, local public entity, or third party delegates for the fulfilment of legal duties, and obtaining consent from the user could obstruct the duty’s fulfillment.
    4. Other cases where it is allowed by law, such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
  5. Section 5(Disclosure of Personal Information)

    This company will promptly disclose personal information if the user requests the disclosure of personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law and the user’s identity is confirmed (a notification will be made if the relevant personal information does not exist). However, this does not apply if the company does not have the duty of disclosure under law, such as the Personal Information Protection Law.

  6. Section 6(Correction of Personal Information and Preventing its Use)

    1. If the user requests the company to correct his personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law, or the user requests the company to stop using his personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law, because the information is being used for purposes beyond the scope of the published purposes of use or because the information has been obtained by unlawful means, the company will first confirm the identity of the user, promptly carry out proper inspections, and will correct the user’s personal information or stop using the user’s personal information depending on the results, which will be notified to the user. If the company decides not to correct the information or stop using the user’s personal information for legitimate reasons, the user will be notified.
    2. If the user requests the company to delete the user’s personal information, and the company deems it necessary to respond to this request, the company will delete the user’s personal information upon confirming the identity of the user, and the user will be notified.
    3. If the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws do not give the company the legal duty to correct or stop the use of personal information, then the preceding regulations do not apply.
  7. Section 7 (Customer Help Desk)

    For opinions, questions, complaints, and enquiries regarding the use of personal information, please contact the following.

  8. Section 8 (Changing the Privacy Policy)

    This company will continue to pursue the improvement of this private policy, and may therefore change this privacy policy by reviewing as appropriate the operational status of the handling of user information. Changes will be notified to the user by posts onto this service website. However, for changes which legally require the user’s consent, consent will be obtained by the company’s prescribed method.

■ Personal Information Protection Policy

Tonohata Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the company) handles personal information through its business. The company has established the following personal information protection policy in order to handle personal information appropriately.

  1. Section 1 (Retrieval, Use, and Provision of Personal Information)

    Personal information will only be used for purposes specified for the company’s business, which have been consented by the user, and will only be retrieved through the user’s consent. Necessary measures will be taken to prevent the use of personal information beyond the scope of what has been consented to.

  2. Section 2 (The Observance of Laws and Regulations Relating to the Protection of Personal Information)

    We will observe laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information.

  3. Section 3(Proper Management of Personal Information)

    All personal information is properly managed and necessary preventative and corrective measures are in place in order to prevent the unauthorized access and theft of personal information, and any loss, damages, manipulation or leakage of personal information due to the information being brought out. When personal information is consigned to a third party, a confidentiality agreement will be concluded, and the company will supervise the process to ensure that the information is being properly managed.

  4. Section 4 (Respect For the Person)

    A customer help desk is set up in order to give a prompt and thorough response to complaints and enquiries regarding the company’s use of personal information. The company will respond within a reasonable time to requests for the disclosure or correction of personal information.

  5. Section 5(Continued Improvement of the Protection of Personal Information)

    The company will continue to review and improve the protection of personal information, in response to changes to the company’s business, relevant laws, society, and IT environment.

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